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How to Create the Custom Pool of Your Dreams

When you imagine your dream pool, what do you see? What does luxury mean to you?

Elite Pools By Aloha is the Little Rock, Arkansas concrete pool builder and contractor that helps clients discover and enjoy extraordinary swimming pool experiences.

Our finely tuned process ensures that we design the best swimming pools and outdoor living spaces. We achieve transformations that delight our clients, because we specialize in seamlessly blending functional details with the natural environment.

We offer expert craftsmanship, creative inspiration, and innovative solutions that we are pleased our clients enjoy. Please explore our portfolio to learn more about the work we do. We hope you’ll build your dream pool with us.

Are you ready to create with us today? We look forward to getting to know you and your space. Contact Elite Pools by Aloha and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your own private oasis.

Our Checklist

Elite Pools By Aloha understands that building or remodeling a swimming pool is a significant undertaking for our clients. We’d like to share with you the four-step process we follow to ensure that we provide you with an experience as delightful as the pools we build.

We are proud to network with the best local landscape architects and other creative services providers in Little Rock, Arkansas so that we can be certain we provide you, our client, with results that are a distinctive cut above. Let’s build your dream pool. Explore our process today.


Four-Step Process with Scott Girner:

1. First Meeting

Gather your inspirational images, ideas, and preferences. I come to visit you, briefcase & tape measure in hand, for an information-gathering conversation. I’ll learn what you look forward to enjoying. Show me the pictures that you’ve clipped or wave your hands and tell me you want it to go from here to there…. I’ll also try to get an idea of what the main theme or function will be. Do you want a formal space for viewing and listening to soothing waterfalls? Or are you looking for a kid-friendly yard with features your kids will explore year-round? During my visit, I’ll look at your yard and take measurements and pictures of important features, existing landscaping, and your house.

2. The Presentation

If you know exactly what you want, I’ll be able to get a price together in just a few days. If, however, you want to take advantage of our pool design services, then we’ll be busy for the next week or two designing your backyard paradise. We’ll include the features you wanted and design the pool of your dreams. Once the design is completed, we’ll return to show you exactly what your redesigned space will look like in your unique backyard. As you can see from some of our examples in our portfolio, we can take a virtual 3D tour. During the virtual tour, you can even stand inside the kitchen and see what the pool looks like through your kitchen windows.

3. Final Tweaks

During the 2-week design period, you will probably think of a few more items you really want or decide you want to change some elements of our initial concept. When you do, I’ll head back to the drawing board and then bring you the final design and pricing. Along with pricing for the entire project, we will often include separate pricing for specific features such as specialty plaster, waterfalls, fire pits, etc.

4. Join the List

Once we have decided on a design and shaken hands, you will join our list so that we can get started as soon as possible. Our reputation as the top Arkansas pool contractors means a lot to us, and we pride ourselves on giving our clients personal attention. It’s important to us that we finish your project in a timely manner, so we take care that we don’t spread ourselves too thin. Because our process is finely tuned, we can complete the typical semi-simple pool in as little as 6 weeks.

After we design a space together, we begin construction. We’re the premier Little Rock, Arkansas pool builders because we’ve created the best process to ensure we never miss a detail. We give you the confidence to trust that the pool we are building for you isn’t just beautiful, it’s built to last.

1. Before we begin.
We will secure all the necessary permits from your city and approvals from POAs, and we will check with all the utilities for buried equipment. About a week or so before we actually dig, we’ll come out to stake out the pool and paint it on the ground.

2. Dig day.
Excavators will show up with heavy equipment to dig your pool. All surprises (any bad surprises) will be discovered during the dig. This might include utility lines for the house or unexcavatable rock. All excavators have rock clauses and so do we. Most we can dig through, but some we can’t and need help.

3. Forming & steel.
The forms outline the shape of your pool and give us something to shoot the gunite against. Next comes the steel. Unlike any other pool company in Arkansas, we use only #4 class 60 steel rebar on the entire pool. We build our reputation as Arkansas pool builders on the strength and beauty of our pools, and the steel we use is what gives the gunite its staying power. We use heavier grade steel and lots more of it so that we give you the best pool.

4. The shoot.
Shoot day is not to be missed! Our gunite (super strong concrete that is shot through a gun) is pumped through a hose and blasted against the forms. Stand in front of this hose and you just may become part of the pool! Before the gunite sets up, it is shaped and trimmed. Here is where skill and experience is necessary to create the exacting radiuses and special features.

5. Plumbing.
Once the forms are removed we get right to plumbing. Your Smart Pool(TM) comes with a state of the art circulation system. No corner is cut here. Everything is oversized to give above-standard performance and require less maintenance.

6. Tile & Coping.
The tile and coping you selected are installed and put on with exacting precision. Our tile is laid with less than 1/16th of an inch variance. Expertise makes all the difference during this stage, because this is much smaller than the grout joint itself. Overflow spas and vanishing edges require precision such as this.

7. Backfill & Decks.
We bed our plumbing with care to prevent damage to the pipes and then smooth the dirt around the pool in preparation for the concrete apron. Whether broomed concrete, patterned concrete, pavers, or flagstone, we’ll be pouring concrete. If your pool features pavers or flagstone, this process can take up to several weeks.

8. Plaster & Fill.
Plaster is the last step. Yes, it’s time to get excited. After all the other steps are completed, we’re left with a rather dirty pool, so we need a day or so to clean it before we plaster. Immediately after the plaster is complete, we start filling the pool. The faster we get water on the plaster the better. A day or two to fill the pool and we’re adjusting water chemistry while you are swimming. Welcome to your beautiful pool! We know you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

Are you ready to design your own beautiful custom swimming pool? Build your dream pool with us.

We chose Scott after meeting him at Aloha Pools. We had absolutely no idea how we wanted our pool to look. Scott designed a beautiful pool that matched the architecture of the house and accentuated our back yard. He is always available for questions and was a pleasure to work with. We hope that we don’t move soon, but will use any future builds!

Beth and Angelo Coppola

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