How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost ?

Combining the pool of your dreams with your budget is a process where you consider the many different variables that affect the cost of your inground swimming pool.

The main cost is usually size…the larger the pool the more materials, labor, etc., and the more it will cost.

The type of pool is a main consideration. A gunite pool is the industry standard for a quality pool that last far longer than all the rest. A vinyl pool is at the other end of the spectrum.

The amenities are another large factor. Do you want a waterfall, a slide, a tanning ledge, an outdoor kitchen, fire bowls, etc.? Choosing all the bells and whistles that are most important to you creates some decisions. Your pool designer/builder can help ease this process.

“Location, location, location.” Where you put your pool will certainly impact the price. Is your backyard nice and level or does it slope? Are there a lot of rocks beneath the ground to be dealt with? Some cost may be automatically built into the pool because of its locationl.

How often do you want to use your pool? If you want to swim year-round, you will probably want to investigate heating options. You certainly want to consider a design that lets you enjoy the beauty of your pool year round even if you don’t swim year round.

Landscaping is a large cost indicator. You can take it to the limit and create an instant oasis, or make choices that look good now, though perhaps smaller in size, and will grow into your full scale vision for your pool.

Your tile, coping, decking and veneer material choices have a wide range of prices. When you are making your choices and your budget is important, ask to see the ones that are standard before you fall in love with those that are not feasible for you.

Maintenance is another important aspect. How much work do you want to spend maintaining your pool? If you love working on your pool, you won’t need as an expensive of a filtration system. Choose a low maintenance system, or “Smart Pool™” if you want to spend your time lounging or swimming in the pool instead of cleaning it.

All of this is a lot to consider. Elite Pools By Aloha takes you painlessly through each step, helping you make the right choice that will keep you in budget and give you years of enjoyment and fun in your new swimming pool.

We chose Scott after meeting him at Aloha Pools. We had absolutely no idea how we wanted our pool to look. Scott designed a beautiful pool that matched the architecture of the house and accentuated our back yard. He is always available for questions and was a pleasure to work with. We hope that we don’t move soon, but will use any future builds!

Beth and Angelo Coppola

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